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jiamj^ton. Sp^iiofjs 



y EjOA. >iDun£l A£km : 

Hampton Springs Club and Hotel 

Hampton Springs {Taylor County) Florida 

now under new ownership and management — 

Beyond doubt the most beautiful, informal retreat in all Florida— located 
on a branch of the enchanting Fenholloway River near the Gulf of 
Mexico^and nestling in a large estate of landscaped and wild palms, pines, 
live oaks, magnolias and a profusion of semi-tropical flowers and shrubs. 





Fishing — 

salt and Tresh water 
on the Gulf or Rivers 

Hunting — 

deer, uild turkey, 
quail, duck, geese in 
great numbers 

Camping and Hiking 
Wonderful Food 

our own dairy, poultry farm 
and vegetable garden 

Quiet and Rest 

on wide, shaded verandas 
and under spreading 

The famous hlampton 
Sulphur Springs 

Swimming Pool 

Sulphur Baths 

Steam and Tub, or Shower 

Canoeing and 
Motor Boating 

on the Fenholloway and 
Econfena Rivers and 
the Gulf of Mexico 

Hampton Springs Properties, Inc 

Hampton Springs Club 

Hampton Springs Sulphur Water 

Hampton Springs Hotel 

Arnold Joerns, President 

Charles E. Hesson, Vice-President and Manager 

S,A\t J. TURXES, Secretary and Treasurer 


f Properties at Hampton Springs, Florida y 
Executive Offices. Wrigley Buitding. Chicago J 



There is something about it that is hard to describe— just sort of gets you, and you fall in love with it. 


Hampton Springs, a Private Club and Transient Family Hotel of Superlative 
' Advantages, Bids You a Royal Welcome with True Southern Hospitality 

T GIVES us pleasure to announce that the Hampton 
springs property has passed, under a 99 year lease, 
from the Oglesby family of the South Georgia Rail- 
way to a financially strong group headed by Arnold Joerns 
and his associates, Sam J Turnes and Charles E. Hesson. 

This will be interesting to the many who, for years, have 
benefitted from Hampton Springs Sulphur Water, and who 
have enjoyed the remarkable year round climate of this 
beauty spot. 

Our program, already under way, for the rehabilitation of 
this property, is ambitious, and will, we confidently believe, 
make Hampton Springs the most delightful year 'round 
retreat in Florida, especially for folks who prefer rest and 
comfort and outdoor sports to social display. 

Charles E. Hesson, New Manager 
We are happy that we have secured as manager of the Club 

and Hotel, Charles E. Hesson, Mr Hesson is well known, 
both North and South, as a competent, experienced and 
congenial Club and Hotel Manager. He started in this pro- 
fession with the old Advertising Association of Chicago 
fifteen years ago, later becoming manager of the Chicago 
Automobile Club. After his war service Mr. Hesson became 
manager of the Buffalo Lithia Springs Hotel in Virginia. 
Later he was manager of the Evanston Golf Club, In 1924 
he opened and was the first manager of the Belden-Stratford 
Hotel in Chicago; and then became manager of the Edge- 
water Golf Club of Chicago. Mr. Hesson has been a 
personal friend of Mr, Joerns and Mr. Turnes for fifteen 
years. His ability is unchallenged. No Club or Hotel is 
ever more successful or congenial than the ability, integrity 
and personality of its Manager permits. As the new 
Manager of Hampton Springs, Mr. Hesson has unhindered 
authority and the unlimited confidence and support of this 

Hampton Springs Properties, Inc. 


Step from the Club and Hotel grounds into your boat and speed through a veritable fairyland of foliage twelve miles to the Gulf. The Club will h 

night Lodges for the hunter and fisherman with an unsatiable appetite for sport. 

ave over- 

The Hampton Springs Hotel The Hampton Springs Club 


|lTHOUT closing for repairs, the Hotel will 
continue to serve guests who stay for a day, 
week, month, or who make Hampton Springs 
their permanent residence. Men, women and children 
of refinement are cordially welcome The many regular 
patrons, mostly from the old South, will find evidences 
of improvement in service and surroundings which we 
confidently trust will merit their hearty approval. 

Because many members of the Club will require reser- 
vations for the coming season, it is suggested that 
guests write or wire at their earliest convenience con- 
templated date of arrival. Present indications are that 
Hampton Springs will be filled to capacity. Telegrams 
for reservations will be promptly answered. 


Ra tes 

Rates at the Hampton Springs Hotel vary from $4.00 a 
day to $7.50 a day American plan. This includes room 
and meals. Rooms may be had with or without 
private bath. Special rates by the week or month. 
Special family rates. 



AR7^ ownership in the valuable Hampton 
— ^tj Springs properties and special Club privileges 
will be enjoyed by those who become Members. 
Membership is by invitation, and is rigidly restricted. 
Club Members pay no green fees, enjoy free use of 
tennis courts and swimming pools, and receive a re- 
duction of 20% on their hotel bill. They also participate 
in the profits of the Hotel and in the extensive sale of 
the famous Hampton Springs Sulphur Water. 

For the benefit of Club Members and their guests 80 
acres of wild land has been acquired on the Fenholloway 
River near the Gulf of Mexico. Here is now located a 
branch Club House where hunting and fishing parties 
are accomodated with meals or lodging. It is intended 
to rebuild this Lodge. The new building will be of logs, 
with ten bedrooms, each with private bath, and a 
.commodious lounge and dining room. 

The Club also has arranged to acquire 3,000 acres on 
the Gulf including the mouth of the Econfena River. 
Here another similar rustic Lodge will be built. 

Club Members can reach either the Fenholloway or 
Econfena Lodges by automobile, or directly by motor 
boat from the Main Club Grounds at Hampton Springs. 
It is a delightful 12 mile motor boat trip from Hampton 
Springs down the picturesque Fenholloway River, and 
up the expansive Gulf of Mexico for ten miles to the 
mouth of the Econfena. 


West view of main Club House. Most Clubs have 

lleTZ I^Jd/Lirrrrt'' '"r' u*^'" ^'°^' ^^^^'"^ '^^ ''"'•^- ^"* ^^^ Hampton Springs Club 
piete and ready before the first membershin tnvitaHnn «,a« ^-.r^^^^M ^ B. 

membership invitation was extended. 




The scenic Dixie Highway as it passes through Taylor County. 

Taylor County Leads in Hard Roads 

The Gulf Coast Scenic Highway 
and five other Hard Surface Auto- 
mobile Roads are now under 

T F THIS section of Florida has been neglected in the buildin<^ of 
1 Hard Roads, it is so no more. The Dixie Highi^ ay is paved 
through Taylor County. A paved road leads from Hampton 
bpnngs to Perry and through the county touard Jacksonville A 
new paved highway is under construction from Hampton Springs 
to lallahassee, the state capitol. about forty miles awav. Another 
new paved highway is under construction from Perry due North 
Several lateral roads are under construction or authorised The 
new Gulf Coast Scenic Highivay from Pensacola to Tampa is under 
construction and will pass close to Hampton Springs, and through 
our Club property near the Gulf. In all, six hard surface roads 
are under construction in the county, and shortly Taylor County 
w.Ii have more and better hard roads than almost any other 
County in the South. 

The automobde roads leading to 
Hampton Springs from, any 
direction are in first-class condi- 
tion. To motor here is a pleasure. 

Members and Guests driving through are advised to get newest 
road map from their Automobile Ciub or to purchase an Auto- 
mobile Blue Book. Or we will gladly send Route Map on request 



The main building is about 300 feet long. Its wide verandas and the cool shade of the giant trees radiate an atmosphere of peace and infortnal contentment. 

So often folks come for a week, only to remain a month — and to come again. 



Golf and Tennis 

AT PRESENT the Golf Course at Hampton Springs is a nine-hole 
/\ course. Under the direction of Simonds & West, of Chicago, 
nationally known landscape architects, the present nine-hole 
course is being improved and will be in playing shape by October 
first. B\ next fait the second nine should be available, and we then 
plan to have an eighteen-hole course of which we can be proud Un- 
like other sections of Florida, grass grows proJifically here as this is a 
natural grazing country. Our aim is to have the finest fairuays and 
greens in the State, a championship course, sporty and interesting 

The Tennis Court at Hampton Sprmgs, made of cement, is now being 
put in first class shape, it is planned to build an adjoining court and to 
make tennis one of the favorite sports of the Club and Hotel 

Aviation Landing Field 

With the growing popularity of air travel, we subscribe to the recom- 
mendation of Will Rogers that golf clubs be marked as aviation landing 
fields. This we will do, and more. Thus members and guests may 
travel by air to Hampton Springs. Also people flying from New York, 
Chicago, or other eastern, western or northern points to Palm Beach] 
Miami, St. Petersburg, Tampa, or other south Florida points or to 
Cuba, Mexico, or South America will find Hampton Springs a well 
located, logical and delightful stop and refueling station. 



Tennis the year 'round in the shade of pines and palms and giant oaks. Left to right : Miss Dorothy Reeves of Maplewood, New Jersey, playing Mr. Rudolph 

Robinson of Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. 



The Econfena River where the Club will own miles of River and Gulf frontage, a 1 .MO-acre Game and Bird Sanctuary, and a 2,000-acre Hunting and Fishing 

Preserve. A connfortable but rustic over-night Lodge will be built here soon. 


The Stables 

AXOTHER new feature of Hampton Springs is 
our stables. Horseback riding is a favorite 
sport. Many miles of bridle paths i\ ill be prc^ 
vided through the charming semi-tropical forests and 
along winding streams , 


Camera ^^Shooting^^ in a Bird and Game Sanctuary 

.0 MRS. C. W. MELGHER of Hinsdale, 
linois, one of the first Members of the Hamp- 
ton Springs Club, belongs full credit for a 
beautiful plan that we believe will come to 
mean much to nature loving Members and their families. 

In connection with the abundantly stocked 3,000 acre 
Game Preserve to be acquired by the Club at the mouth 
of the Econfena River and the Gulf, Mrs. X'lelcher sug- 
gests setting aside 1,000 acres as a Bird and Game 
Sanctuary. Without exception, the Members have 
loudly approved the novel idea. 

haunts, moving pictures taken, or still photos if mem- 
bers are camera fans. 

This tract is today abundantly stocked with deer, 
rabbits, squirrels, turke>\ quail, wild geese, ducks and 
an innumerable variety of small birds. Here the 
American eagle can also be frequently seen. Tall pines, 
stately palms, oaks and other trees, and a wild profusion 
of flowers abound. It is a veritable botanical paradise 

To have this large tract, a thousand acres, permanently 
dedicated as a Bird and Game sanctuary, forever pro- 
tecting bird and game life, will give the Hampton 
Springs Club a notable feature. 

J ^^ "f ' **° guides. Mr. Joems, Col. Reeves, Mr. Hesson 
and Mr. lumes. eating lunch on the shore of the Gulf on a 
recent fishing trip The other member of the party. Mr. J. 
Roy West, of Chicago, took the picture. 

A patch of wild hyacinths 

A beautiful lake in the woods near 
Hampton Springs 

Young Heron wild, but tame, on Bird Island, in the Gulf, near the mouth of 
the FenhoUoway River. Photo by Mr. C. W. Melcher of Hinsdale, lU. 


The Fenhalloway and Econfena Rivers are beautiful andwild — teeming with game fish of inany varieties — and they "sho' do bite. " This is the Fenholloway. 
[16 1 



Taylor County Is the Last Frontier 

A Hunting and Fishing Paradise 

WILD geese, duck, wild turkey, quail, deer and other 
game is actually plentiful. The Club is purchasing 
3,000 acres of this u ild hunting land with about two 
TTiiks of frontage on the Gulf of Mexico, and including the 
mouth and severaf miles of frontage on the beautiful 
Econfena River. 

Here the fisherman needs no luck. The Fenhoilowav and 

Econfena Rivers and the Gulf are teeming with fish 
Fresh or salt water fishing as you like it. Casting, still 
fishing, or deep sea fishing! Bass, trout, brim, pickerei, 
red snapper, red fish, tarpon, king fish, sail fish, baracuda, 
sea bass, shark — an almost endless variety and unlimited 
supply. No man need come back empty handed or un- 


Bring Your Gun and Rod 
and Reel 

WHENEVER you come to Hampton Springs 
bring your guns and fishing tackle. Boats and 
outboard motors can be rented, capable 
guides can be hired, and the chef knows how to pack 
a real lunch. 

Just like the memory of what 
your old favorite fishing or 
hunting grounds used to be. 

THE OLD fishing Lodge on the Fenholloway 
River near the CuJf is open now. Soon it wilJ 
be replaced with a better one and another 
modern Lodge will be built near the mouth of the 
Econfena River, ten miles up the Gulf. The kind of 
hunting and fishing we have here is the kind that 
sends you home happy with all the game you want 
to carry. 





Through the woods are miles and mUes of almost uninhabited trails 

and roads for the hiker, rider or motorist natures virgin wilderness. 


Hampton Springs Sulphur Water Is Good For Your Health 

_0R many years Hampton Springs Sulphur 
Water has been acclaimed beneficial by those 
suffering from rheumatism, constipation, dy- 
spepsia, indigestion, kidney and bladder disorders, 
gastritis, nervousness and skin diseases. While we do 
not claim it a cure-all, we do know Hampton Springs 
Sulphur Water is good for your health. Many guests, 
upon leaving the hotel, arrange to have this water 
shipped regularly to their homes. 

In marketing Hampton Springs Sulphur Water we wish 
to comply with the methods approved by reputable 
physicians. Members of the Club who are physicians 
will constitute or appoint a committee that will pre- 
scribe its indications and benefits. Many doctors send 
their convalescent patients to Hampton Springs now. 
We want more to do so. 

It is claimed that this water contains, in a most harmon- 

ious blend, Magnesia Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, 
Oxide of iron, Sodium Chloride, the Sulphates of Cal- 
cium and Magnesia, but no Sulphuretted gases. Hence 
it is of pleasing taste, soft, light and refreshing. 

Prices: F.O.B. The Springs 

Cases— 12 Half-Gallon Bottles $b.00 

Rebate for Empty when received at Springs 1 .50 

Demijohns — 5 Gallons 4.00 

Rebate for Empty when received at Springs 1 .00 

In returning empties, mark to us, show on tag who from, 
deliver to Express Company, Take receipt and send to 
us. We pay express charges on returns, and remit re- 
bate for them same day they are received. 

Where there is no authorized distributor, order direct 
from Springs. 

Hampton Springs Properties, Inc., Hampton Springs, Florida. 

120 1 

The Bathing Pool 

HEALTHFUL indeed is the Sulphur Bathing 
Pool at Hampton Springs. With the water 
an even temperature (about 70°) the year 
"round, always flowing fresh and clean, three or 
four plunges a day are eagerly sought and delight- 
fully enjoyed. Ft is planned to enlarge the pool; or 
to provide another, perhaps in the open air, for 
those who may prefer outdoor swimming. 

Above, The Bathing Pool Below, The Bath House 

Chinking at the Spring 


Milk, Cream, Butter, Cheese, Broilers, 
Eggs and Garden Vegetables 

Fresh from our own Dairy, 
Poultry Farm and Garden. 

THE FACT that we are located in a potentially 
rich agricultural county gives Hampton Springs 
an unique advantage. Here you can enjoy rich, 
thick cream in your coffee, fresh fruits in season, and 
an abundance of good food invitingly prepared and 
served Hampton Springs has a rare reputation for 
culinary supremacy. Eat in your play clothes. 

Year after year Taylor County takes many of the 
leading prizes at the Florida State Fair for the 
excellence of its agricultural products. It is a natural 
grazing country. We shall be glad to furnish infor- 
mation regarding opportunities in farming, dairying 
or poultry raising. 

!"' '.^4,^'^':^ 

*v "• ^i^^i' .^i^i^'t" ->.::r:feS> ---^ 

22 i 

Even Better Railway 

Facilities are Now Assured! 

RAILROAD Tacilities to Hampton Springs are rapidly 
improving, This most beautiful section of all Florida, 
where the summers are cool and the w inters are summer, 
is at last being placed on the main highways of through railroad 

The Atlantic Coast Line Railway has completed its new main 
line down the West Coast of Florida and is expected to com- 
mence service at an early date. This road has also acquired 
control of the L. O. P. & G. Railway which passes through 
Hampton Springs. 

The Seaboard Air Line Railway has acquired the C. P. & A. 
Ry. and also the South Georgia Ry which terminates at Hamp- 
ton Springs; and is about ready to start building its main line 
down the west coast of Florida. 

All of these railroads meet at Perry, the County Seat of our 
county, and only five miles from Hampton Springs Bus and 
taxicab service is provided from Perry to Hampton Springs for 
members or guests who leave the train at Perry 

It is to be hoped thai the Atlantic Coast Line will shortly 
render service over its recently completed new road to Perry. 
Then through sleepers from Chicago to Perry \\\\\ be available 
over the Illinois Central, C. & E. I., Monon or Big Four. 

Until then we recommend that our members and guests have 
their tickets routed from Chicago or other northern points over 
the Big Four via Cincinnati: from Cincinnati to Adel, Georgia, 
over the Southern; and from Adel direct to Hampton Springs- 
over the South Georgia, Thus you can leave Chicago at 10:10 
A. \1. and without changing cars arrive in Adel, Georgia at 3:30 
the next afternoon. Here you change cars to the South 
Georgia and arrive at Hampton Springs at 7:10 P. M. in time 
for dinner, only J 2 hours from Chicago 

Members and guests from New York. Washington or other eastern 
points are advised to go via Jacksonville, and then over the 
Atlantic Coast Line to Perry. 

Please feel at liberty to write, telephone or wire our Chicago 
Offices for Railroad Information. We shall he glad to arrange 
your reservations for your greater comfort and convenience 

This first noap of Florida 
5hc»ws the railroad situation 
a few ini>nth» ago. To go 
from Chicago to Tampa you 
had to ^o via Jacksonville, 
crossing the scate twice. Even 
going from Tallahassee (the 
&Eate Capital I to Tatnpa you 
Kad to cross over to Jackson- 

THe longer picture slnows the 
new through, ma inline Rail- 
rcadft bringing Perr>-, Tam- 
pa, Si. PetersbuTig, Palnn 
B«^ch and Miami about 200 
niil£& closer to Chicago. You 
can NOW Uave Chicago .at 
tO:10 A, M. and arrive in 
Hampton Springs at 7:10 P. 
M. the NE.XT Jay. Taylor 
County, over night, has be- 
come the gateway to the 
West Coast of Florida. All 
these railroads cross and 
one of the rithest agricul- 
tural counties in the South 
— three or four criops a year 
— no winters — delightful the 
year arouiKil 



■ SB.*** O 

Sept. 1. ^L'S^J. 

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D^ii; Mr. ■Sosi.'os: ^^^^ .j^^t yon sJia 

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ro he mie into a '^»*^''" *ie„dLl an^ "^ predict tnai > 

joy Vul^ 3m:c:9sa under yo , tmosunere of cooperation 

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